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Programs and Mentoring

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At TRT Running, we know it can be difficult to achieve the perfect balance between running, family, work and life in general! That’s why we create specifically tailored programs to suit your lifestyle. We know coaching works, as all the coaches have their own coaches or mentors.

Our online coaching, mentoring and training services are conducted by our experienced and passionate coaches, who work alongside you to help you achieve your goals. Catering to your needs, we can use the online system ‘Training Peaks’, or we can write it on a back of a serviette. Whatever you prefer is what we’ll do for you!

We believe in weekly contact to ensure your program is working for you, and can make adjustments accordingly. Whether you want to increase your distance, develop your endurance, or even find your stride again after a few years out of the saddle, we’re here to help.

Some runners like to be in control of their own program. We love that. However, we also know that it is important to have someone that can touch base with you, catch up and ensure you have the balance right. Our mentoring is second to none.

TRTJNR Squad Runs

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Our junior running sessions are all about creating a fun running environment for children. During our three weekly sessions, we aim to teach young runners to enjoy the entire running experience.

We offer predominantly grass and trail runs, along with the occasional sand session on the Northern Beaches.

We cater for a wide range of ages, from 4-16 years, and have a focus on gradually building endurance, running ability and confidence.

TRT Yearly Running Membership

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Click here to contact our coaches for more information on our training times, locations, mentoring & online coaching.

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At TRT Running, we provide five training sessions during the week, as well as a road run on Saturdays and trail run on Sundays. These sessions are geared towards those who enjoy running in a social environment.

These sessions cater for a wide range of abilities, from 70-minute 10k runners, to sub 40 minutes. The fun and encouraging atmosphere makes it the perfect place for everyone.

Along with the weekly running sessions, as TRT Member you also receive discounts from our ‘Running Partners’, exclusive access to our strength training, YouTube channel, social media chats and our Running Camps.