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The Coaches

Gary Mullins

Coaching Services: Track; Road; Trail;
Juniors; Adults; TRT Elite Squad; Face to Face; Online; Strength & Conditioning.

My running and training mantra: Create a Purpose and Be Patient

This has been my mantra for a while now. Both in my own running & coaching. To become a complete runner, you need time. Time to run consistently, develop strength and build your own confidence. As a coach, I try to build this concept into each of my runners.

Even when running in a group, it is still 'Personal'. It’s about YOU, the individual. I understand this and provide the individual mentoring / coaching you need to feel completely supported, challenged and at ease.  

Running Highlights - NSW State Marathon Champion 2016 & 2017, Australian Marathon Championship, 2nd, 2017, Australian 50km Championships, 3rd, 2013, Marathon PB Tokyo 2018. 2hr:31:54

Representative – 2 x Australian 100k World Championships 

Coaching2014 1st Female Sydney Harbour 10, 4th Female City 2 Surf.    2016 1st Female Six Foot Track, 5th Female Gobi Desert International 100km

2017 5th Female 2Bays 56km, 2nd, 9th, 10th Female UTA22, 3rd Female UTA50, 3rd Female City 2 Surf, 1st Female Team City 2 Surf, 1st Female Sydney Running Festival 1/2 Marathon, 1st Female NSW State Marathon Championship, 9th Female Fuxian Lake 50km

2018 3rd Male Two Bays 56km, 1st Female Nagoya 1/2 Marathon Japan

Michelle McAdam

Coaching Services: Road; Trail;
Adults; TRT Elite Squad; Face to Face; Online.

My running and training mantra:

Running is a way of life.

It's about balance and trust.

It's about learning what you think you can achieve and then pushing it further.

It's about patience and resilience.”

My Dad introduced me to running when I was a child - he was told he had to do something to manage his stress. As a family, we used to get up early and run around the block, starting with one lap and gradually increasing this distance over time. At first, I struggled. And I was hopeless! But it didn't take long for me to become addicted - it soon become an integral part of my life.

I learnt from my Dad that if you want to achieve you have to train, practice and keep trying. It's a lesson I'm forever grateful for and something that still defines who I am and what I do today.

As a busy working Mum, I understand the need to prioritise and make the most of the time available to train. It's about being 'smart' in both your training and goals. I believe a large part of what we can achieve is driven by our mental strength, our determination and our persistence, not just the physiological gifts we were born with.

Pick a goal, work hard and you will get there. There are no short cuts.

As a long term running disciple, I’m always excited about sharing my love of running, and the knowledge I've gained from my experiences.

I have been fortunate enough to race and train at both elite and amateur-elite levels. And I’m still going!

Career highlights and PB’s include:



- Marathon: 2.44 (4th Gold Coast) - Half marathon: 1.21 (5th Sydney) - 10km: 35.50 (Sydney)

- 6-foot track: 4.09 (3rd) - UTA 100kms: 13.05 


- Abel Tasman Coastal Classic (NZ) (1st) - Kepler Challenge (NZ) (6th) - New York marathon 2.53 (top 50)


2 x Australian representation at world long course (best result 7th Denmark)

2 x ironman finisher

Jody Mullen

Coaching Services: Road; Trail
Adults; Face to Face; Online.

My running and training mantra:

"Nothing in my life has ever broken my heart the way running has. And yet I cannot breathe without it." - Kara Goucher (American distance runner, mother)

As a lifetime runner, Kara's words resonate with me. Running can inspire you to accomplish things you never thought possible. Yet, it can also test your very core, what you're made of, both mentally and physically. I have come to appreciate the great training runs and races, alongside those that need major improvement. They all served an important purpose.

I have been running since I could walk. My first 10k was at age 13 and track running and cross country were part of my high school fun. I ran my first marathon in 1998 in my mid-20s. From that race forward, running cemented itself as both my passion and my lifestyle. I enjoy running events from 3k to 50k distances, predominately road. Along with my personal running endeavours, I love sharing my passion of running with others.

As a coach, I love to help others begin a new lifestyle that includes running. I strive to assist runners in improving their foundation, allowing them to reach new PBs, or to explore opportunities in new distances.

Career highlights:

-Longevity. After all these years, I've never lost my desire to work hard toward my running goals.

-Working my way to a 42-minute PB from my 1st marathon in '98 (4:16) to my 2nd marathon in '99 (3:34).

-Achieving a new marathon PB in 2015, after having 2 children.

-Finishing the Boston Marathon in 2013 and never taking the ability to run for granted again. I've returned twice since!

-Constantly evolving as a runner, taking on fresh approaches to training, new distances and challenges!

Jenny Morris

Coaching Services: Road; Trail
Adults; Face to Face; Online.

My running mantra:

My running journey started with my first race in The City to Surf in 2012. I lined up with about 70,000 others in a priority start of 150 Police. Little did I know I would never run that race again. I was hooked on running and racing though. I went straight to Northside Runners in Manly and talked about the Nike Frees I had run in and what to buy. When asked how many kms a week I was running. My answer about 17-20kms. The reply was “Well you’re not a serious runner then?”  

Fast forward to 2017. I am a serious runner. Running is what I breathe. It is what I am most passionate about.

Since then, I have run 6 Half marathons, 8 road marathons, and 8 ultra-marathons.

My focus for the last 2-3 years has been longer distance races and, as a result, my greatest achievement has been my most recent 100km at UTA which pushed me to my limits and I was able to prove to myself what I’m capable of. It made me realise how far I can go with Ultra running. Not just believing in my coach but believing in myself. 

As a coach, I believe it’s all about helping others achieve their desired goals, whether it be to improve pace, distance, endurance or overall fitness.

One of the main things I have learnt through my running experiences are effective mental strategies that maintain focus: telling myself I am strong. I can do this! I gave birth, so I can run through this pain - and a lot more!

After all it is all about #finishwhatyoustarted. Running is my happy place.

Running PBs and Highlights include:

-Six Foot Sub 5 hour

-UTA 100 in 15 hours

-3hr:29min marathon

-1hr:39min ½ marathon

Hannah Gibson

Coaching Services: Track; Road; Trail;
Juniors; Adults; Face to Face; Online;

Currently a 4th year UNSW Exercise Physiology student who has competed at National level in cross country and athletics for a number of years, with my main events being the steeplechase, 3000m, 5000m and 10,000m. Being a UNSW Elite Athlete scholarship holder for the past 3 years, I train most mornings with the goal of competing at the 2017 Gold Coast University Games.

I am an active member of the UNSW Athletics club, where I was a Team Manager at the 2015 Australian University Games Championships, Gold Coast, for a team of 32 athletes. I have worked with kids a lot before, having been a piano, maths and chemistry tutor for kids aged 5-15 and enjoy watching kids progress. Having experienced many running injuries in the past, I understand the importance of safely developing kids’ abilities, whilst maintaining a fun environment for them to reach their potential.

I coach at Manly and Seaforth Ovals.

Matt Carroll
Coaching Services: Trail & Road
Running Mantra 
“Consistency over volume,” as simple as this sounds is the foundation to improvement. Life has us all working long days, we are all busy and the journey to improvement starts with a consistent regime with incremental growth, week in week out. 
Over the past 7 years of running I have continued to improve my running through consistency in training, mental toughness and competing in various races. Over this period I have competed in around 40 events inclusive of 8 marathons (trail and road), 8 Ultra Marathons and one Ironman. 
Your running journey may be beginning or you’re looking for the next level, I can’t guarantee improvement, that part is up to you, one thing I can guarantee is access to mentoring through years of success and learnings. 


5k PB 15.31
8 marathons all under 3 hours 
Auckland Marathon 2.35 8th, Rotoura Marathon 2.37 6th, Boston Marathon 2.44.
Ultra Trail Australia 50k 2nd, Tarawerra 62k 3rd, Motatapu Ultra 50k 3rd, Kepler Track 8th   
Ironman Australia 9.40 4th (30 - 35yr)